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This prestigious award was created to honor Russ Kerchis in 1996.  It recognizes an individual associated
with the DOBER INVITATIONAL that represents one or more of the qualities that a good friend should
be.  Next to family, friendship represents all that really matters in this world and it is what makes the
DOBER INVITATIONAL what it is today.  In a celebration of friendship, we will recognize one individual
each year and present the Russ Kerchis Friendship Award at the Dinner Dance. 
Award Recipients


2022   JT Harris

2021    Mackenzie Harris

2020   "Big John" Kerchis

2019   Jr. Morrissey

2018   John Hagan

2017   John Luddy

2016   Mike Whitney
2015   Paullie Marchesse 
2014   Russ Kerchis
2013   James Nastri
2012   Darryl Hart
2011    Josh Werner
2010   Sarah Harris
2009   Don Kerchis
2008   Ellen Harris
2007   Stephen Mayfield
2006   Marist College & The Boys of B-4 
2005   Gerald Crispino
2004   Morgan KAS
2003   Richard Demsey
2002   Sharon Harris
2001   Jim Tenant    
2000   Gene Tilly Sr.
1999   James Harris
1998   Bob Rutkowski
1997   John Harris

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